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VAULT engineering (commercial name for company BOHEZ BVBA) has been ISO9001 certified since 2019. 

Mechanical engineering is our passion


We take care of projects that require technical support. This both for prototypes and the production of the product. Mainly focused on mechanical and electromechanical aspects.


The project is being analyzed. If theassignment fits within our scope, we immediately get to work. Your project is then digitally converted into an in-depth document. We can also make the prototype or even a limited series in house. 


We do everything we can to offer you a solution as soon as possible. Since we are very flexible, we can in most cases offer you a first design plus prototype within a week. 

Own developments

hypocycloid gearbox

The key to survival is to keep innovating. Our in-house knowledge is continuously put to the test. In this way we can prove where the strength of our company lies.  

We regularly make connecting flanges for motors with reduction gearboxes. This makes it possible to make multiple combinations. This gives the ideal solution for your project.

Our workshop and Software



The products are made on our own CNC milling machine. 



Soon we will reinforce our workshop with a turning milling machine. 

Autodesk Inventor

Autodesk design and manufacturing collection

All parts are drawn in the latest version of Inventor. 

Fusion 360

autodesk design and manufacturing collection


autodesk design and manufacturing collection

Power calculations are done with one of the most advanced programs on the market. This program was used by NASA to develop the space shuttle.

Autodesk HSM

autodesk design and manufacturing collection

Parts are programmed with this feature.

G codes are generated and read into our CNC machine. 

Your partner for mechanical engineering