Prototyping the prototype

"Experience the 24H of Lemans in a way that allows you to see through the eyes of a pilot who competed in one of the most challenging and popular motorsports of the time."

Why 24H of Lemans?

Especially the brands such as Ford, Ferrari, Porsche, Peugeot, Mazda competed for the title of "winner of the 24H of Lemans". As a car manufacturer, this was the way to prove your technical ability by taking everything out of the closet. For the car manufacturer this title was an important boost for the sales of their new cars in the showroom. The racing cars (mostly prototypes as well) were considered to be the ultimate version of the latest models. For some, the outcome of the race was a basis for deciding which car and certainly of which make they were going to buy. It was literally a market battle on the track.

That is why this race has become so legendary.

Credits photo: Alain Jamar  

"The greatest satisfaction is developing racing cars that have all been iconic on the Lemans 24H circuit with contemporary technology," says Laurent Bohez, inspirer of Marshall.