The goal has been set to give people with a big heart for motorsport the chance to get behind the wheel of a new racing car, which has the looks of an iconic model that competed in the 60's and 70's in the 24H of Lemans and feels like a modern racing car.

Under our own brand "Marshal" high end racing cars are developed and produced in Belgium into 3 variants:

  • A high end model with the focus on ultimate performance (In a limited edition of 24 pieces).
  • An entry level model with similar characteristics as the high end model but with compromises between performance, cost price and maintenance friendliness.
  • A street legal model depending on the country of origin. 

The view from both inside and outside is replicated as precisely as possible to its original model.By using modern techniques and applying the know-how we have at our disposal today, the maximum of these iconic models (the 60-70's) is achieved on the track.

It will be very discreet and the details will show that the technological innovations (as well as FIA guidelines, LMP1, LMP2,... directives) are integrated. The intention is to bring several models on the market. All with the same philosophy. "Older icons equipped with modern techniques."

In order to incorporate contemporary technology even further into the design, as many recyclable materials as possible will be used. The range of power sources is extensive and includes both internal combustion engines and electric motors. A hybrid version glues both technologies together. The intention is to find a solution to make these cars run on alternative fuels as well. This keeps motorsport loved by enthusiasts who also care about the environment.

As soon as the Marshall range is partly or completely finished, these different models will be used by like-minded people to organise a series of trackdays on the real Lemans circuit. Marshall is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of your vehicle. The various parts are stored in a central warehouse in order to be able to carry out repairs as quickly as possible in the event of damage. A streamlined logistics process facilitates this. This guarantees a long lasting pleasure of the vehicle.